Dream Probe Music is a record company and a studio seated in Stockholm, Sweden.

Founded by pianist and composer Fredrik Lundberg. The music is ranging from acoustic solo piano to electronic soundscapes.

Contact: dreamprobe@dreamprobemusic.com


My fascination for music and sound started in the early infant years with a Casio VL-tone (which I still own), piano, cello, a drum kit and my dad’s reel-to-reel tape recorder. But the first wow-moment-of-sound before that, was pressing a summer leaf to my lip’s and moving the mouth around it while humming. Crazy right? But if you are 4 years old that is just fantastic and mind-boggling.

So from that moment on the path was laid out to study piano and composition at the university.

I’ve been working since -95 as a session pianist, with artists ranging from pop singer Lykke Li to persian artist Pari Isazadeh, and classical orchestras like Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Musica Vitae. Also as a composer for both stage, sound installations and game music library. 

/Fredrik Lundberg, Stockholm 2017




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