Jupuno releases EP ”Bokeh Dreams”

This debut Ep has the 80s written all over it. Recorded with a lot of analog synths, rhodes and live bass. Enjoy the time travel to rainy streets, neon signs and car lights in the night. The name Jupuno is a wordplay from the legendary vintage synths from the 80s, Roland Jupiter and Juno and it’s used all over the album together with Fender rhodes and other analog synths.


  1. Bokeh Dreams 5:18
  2. City Lights 4:42
  3. Machine Love 4:49
  4. Neon Memories 4:37
  5. Night Drive 4:24

Total time: 23:50

Produced, recorded and mixed by Fredrik Lundberg at Dream Probe Studio, Stockholm

Mastring by Martin Ankelius, Cutting Room, Stockholm

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