Fredrik Lundberg ”Lundberg Plays Aphex Twin”.

Seven tunes by Richard D James (aka Aphex Twin, AFX) rearranged for the solo piano by Fredrik Lundberg.

The music of electronica genius Aphex Twin has fascinated the pianist Fredrik Lundberg since the mid 90s. In 2007 he came up with idea to transform the sometimes heavily rhythmic tracks of Aphex Twin for the solo piano. ”I’ve always loved, beside his sophisticated electronic components, the melodic elements of AT’s music.” The vision was to arrange them with a touch of classical composers like Erik Satie, Debussy and Chopin. A massive time of work of selecting the right tracks for this project ended up in 7 tracks. Track 8 is a remix of the first track Icct Hedral to conclude the circle of the electronic beginning.

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1 Icct Hedral (piano version)
2 Laricheard (piano version)
3 Petiatil cx htdui (piano version)
4 Yellow calx (piano version)
5 Schottkey 7th path (piano version)
6 Xtal (piano version)
7 Parallel Stripes (piano version)
8 Icct Hedral (piano version)-Psychedelia Dream Remix
Mixed by: Lars-Göran Ehn and Fredrik Lundberg



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